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Pursue the Feasible not the Fanciful


  • Infrastructure Revitalization
  • Energy Independence
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Health Care 




A healthy and prosperous society depends upon an ethical and efficient Government.  Today our citizens see that the cost of health care is significantly outpacing inflation, crumbling infrastructure, and spiraling national debt. We need to address these issues soon.

My name is Kenneth Young. I am running for Congress as an Independent for California's 24th Congressional District, which represents the Central Coast.  




My purpose for running for Congress is to see to it that Government works for the people, that it works in a fashion that keeps the national debt in check, infrastructure maintained, and allows our citizens the confidence to pursue an active and prosperous life. We as Americans' are always at work, making sure our country is that great beacon of hope for freedom and human dignity throughout the world. Send me to Congress to keep a vigilant watch on the interest that affects the central coast.   



Kenneth Young


Committee to Elect KENNETH YOUNG
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