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As a native of California, I have lived in the Central Coast most of my life. Running for Congress is a calling I must now answer. Listening to the many challenges fellow Californians now face inspires me to step up and make our government more effective, supporting improvements where ever possible and fighting any hindrances that current policies clearly create.


I am an independent because the political pendulum must swing away from the current two party dogfight towards the  far more refreshing marketplace of great ideas and innovation. This is where I can be of greatest service.

As an Independent, I am free to listen to your ideas and to consult economics, history, and science to verify the effectiveness of current legislation. I am also free to call out ineffective government policies that have failed us in the past  and threaten our future.

I now work full time as a Civil Engineer. This is my home turf. I believe it is time to bring the understanding of those who have worked in the field to the tables of Congress. 


Radio Interview with KPRL 1230 AM (interview starts at 4 minute mark)


Television Interview:

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