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The Economy of the United States is diverse and dynamic. The people who thrive in the system do so through effort and innovation. Our marketplace provides significant resources for both industry and the consumer; our Navy protects seaborne commerce and trade. Our policies protect those who uphold their contracts- ethically and justly. Shows compassion to those in need and celebrates Champions. How did this all come about? Through a mix of abundant resources, energy, land, and a system that has continuously pursued higher Moral Ideals. 


There is a significant contingent of voters who believe that to level the playing field government must tax and punish greatness. This belief and associated policies can only result in crippling the marketplace and the economy,  regardless of the brand of politics you call it. Today's high-end innovations in technology and the arts become tomorrow's improvements to the quality of life for everyone. There is a time in one's life that when by the reflection of times of yesterday when the real understanding of the magnitude of advancements and improvements in technology becomes apparent.  


Much of our modern media gets rewarded for its ability to agitate the populace emotionally. As individuals, we can counteract this noise by focusing on personal growth and self-actualization while remembering always to refine our ethics. 


The Future of America is bright. The system works; all it often takes is for the individual to find it their place by working on their strengths and discovering their natural talents. 


For the Marketplace and the Society to thrive, a diversity of businesses needs to be present. Commerce needs to be celebrated and not overly regulated. The minds and hearts of the business owners and operators allow the United States to be leaders in innovation and creativity. Too often government over regulates business beyond prudent safety measures of regulation. Government Bureaucrats and Regulators, by definition, can't understand business; those who do are busy doing. All too often, the only way for the government to ensure they have a more significant piece of the economic pie is to create inflation or increase taxes and fees; the eternal conflict between taxation and the free market is still with us. Luckily in America, the free market still exists.  


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy is experiencing a significant contraction; the federal government is trying to get society through this "economic winter" by printing money. The business community is fervently working to find more efficient ways to provide goods and services. The individual is between a rock and a hard spot, trying to figure out what skills will be required in a post-COVID-19 world. 


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