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Until someone can prove that the unborn is not a human, it will continue to be a human.   


One of our Civilizations Pillars is Individual Rights, and society has the obligation of protecting the most vulnerable individuals among us. Infants and Unborn are the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. Our civilization strives to improve our institutions and secure vital resources so that members of future generations can experience a full life and achieve self-actualization.  




People often ask, can Affirmative Action ever sunset? 


 In 1961 President Kennedy issued an executive order that created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the beginnings of Affirmative Action. These Policies have improved millions of Americans' lives and increased America's Share and participation in the Global Marketplace.  Instead of looking inwardly at accusations of reverse racism, we should look outwardly with Pride that America Shares its Knowledge and innovation with the world.  World Peace and Prosperity begins with sharing knowledge and know-how with your fellow citizens.  We are almost 60 years removed from Kennedy's Executive Order, and the calls to abolish Affirmative Action are gaining steam.  Affirmative Action allows individuals to not only participate in the educational system but to gain skills and knowledge to build a better world.  


Academic Opportunity does not equal Academic Excellence.


Renewable Energy


pursue the alternative energy of solar and wind - America will find it more and more difficult for Americans to live healthy and free lives, pursue nuclear energy and life will get better for all people in the world for at least another 200,000 years. You can choose. Just look at how much energy and labor is used to pursue the instruments needed to collect solar and wind power. 

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