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In his youth, an Uncle of mine got caught up in the occupation of crime. Eventually, he was caught and spent time in prison. He described what his life's philosophy was at the time and the psychological factors in his life during that time; for him, crime became an addiction, and it was much easier to hold up a liquor store or participate in a Burglary for quick money than hold an honest job. After his time in prison he got out and worked the rest of his life as a good albeit struggling member of society.

I read the call to defund the police, and a part of me is reminded of those times in my youth where I had little respect for authority and would have enjoyed taking something that was not mine without the threat of being caught. Society functions best when individuals respect and follow Laws and Order.

The past ten plus years with the widespread adoption of video-sharing technology, more and more people are filming events where suspects are mistreated and killed at the police's hands. The use of excessive force during apprehension is not excusable, as outlined in the Bill of Rights. Events that end up killing a man who is already handcuffed and apprehended inexcusable and beyond disturbing. The events that lead to the tragic death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta is a case study of how two Police officers escalated an individual's misjudgment into a fatal situation. I have witnessed multiple times where police officers were the heroes and allowed someone who drank a little too much to call a Cab to get home, get some sleep and come back the next day to get their car.   

Young members of our society are avoiding the Vocational Call to be a Police Officer because of the poor publicity that the profession is receiving in the media these days. Defunding the police is not the answer and will lead to secondary consequences that most law-abiding citizens will not like. I had run into Bad Cops in my life when I inquired into what happened to them - They usually didn't last long in uniform. Still, the vast majority of Law enforcement officers are Good people respecting life and freedom and deserve the honor given to them. 

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